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The Road We've Taken (Pt 3)

December 31, 2017

So how about we end 2017 with a short retro look at Street Girl, arguably the main hit from Raw Silk's first album, before we move into the New Year and write some background to their second recent album The Borders of Light?


STREET GIRL is another keyboard-loaded track from Silk Under the Skin, very reminiscent of the sound of the era and one that received great support and airplay.

It was the first song written by Kostas Kyriakidis after quitting Spitfire in order to start a band where he could create the sound he was looking for - one more keyboard based.

Drummer and composer Kostas Kyriakidis says: "I remember I was home alone during one of those Summer heat waves in Athens - wearing only shorts and strumming guitar in my living room and I wrote it in between taking cold showers to try and cool down."

He describes it as being effortless and enjoyable to write, a song that flowed easily. The tune - as always with his pieces - came first, followed by the lyrics which are full of ambiguity. It is not clear to the listener whether the song is about a dream or is based on a real experience.


Kyriakidis asked some of his mates if they'd play on the demo to Street Girl and the result can be heard here with Panos Kondilos on vocals. They were delighted when producer Kostas Kalimeris, then at the start of his awesome career, immediately liked it and so this is the track that struck Raw Silk a deal with him and led to the production of the album Silk Under the Skin with George Florakis replacing Kondilos on vocals.





During a sound check at Rodon Club, Athens

when Raw Silk played support to Saxon. 






Fast forward 4 years to when the album was completed and released by EMI Greece and after some brilliant PR work from Yiannis Koutouvos who worked tirelessly securing TV interviews, radio airplay and extensive magazine coverage for the band they were invited by Channel 29 to make a video. The band would have chosen to make one for Irene but as the channel preferred Street Girl that's the one they went with and the rest is history!


It's the only track that had an official video made for it, which you can view here.

We'd really love to know if the wall where the graffiti spray can scene was filmed still exists but haven't been able to track it down so far. It was in Tavros, Athens though behind the TV studio - that much we do remember.

The idea for that scene was an inspired impromptu suggestion made by the girlfriend at the time of one of the band members and it is her who spray cans RAW SILK followed by the others underlining their own names.

LOL except for Rory Christopoulos of course as the paint (un)fortunately runs out on his turn. Personally we think it adds an extra bit of fun and spontaneity to the video.


We'll do a piece about the making of band videos soon with some detail about what is involved - including the story behind Raw Silk's recent Chimera video which is from The Borders of Light album. Check that one out here if you fancy.


And finally, best wishes to you all for a

Happy and Prosperous 2018!


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